S is for “Stilts”

We are actually visiting family in the San Diego area right now (nice, huh?), and I am crazy behind on posting. We’ve continued with our letter activities. As you may have noticed, we aren’t going anywhere close to alphabetical… I’ve let Br (3 3/4) pick what letter he wanted to work on next, usually by having him try to identify the first letter sound of something we are talking about.

The other day, we did “Letter S” for our letter of the day. Br found his phonics cards for the letter “S”, and watched the requisite related YouTube videos (“Letter S” songs and Snowplows, this time :) ).  Then we did our “memorable event”: this time, a craft that doubles as a cool gross motor activity.  And it’s cheap, quick, & Br LOVED it. (Yeah, the kid craft trifecta!)  Drum roll, please….. Continue reading “S is for “Stilts””

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