Nesting Boxes


Sometimes I forget how endlessly fascinating figuring out basic principles of the world is for toddlers.  For example, figuring out relative size.

I pulled this set of nesting boxes (by Melissa & Doug) off the shelf for Bl (15 mo) to check out.  Initially I showed him how to stack them, which was really “how fast can Mommy stack relative to how quickly can Bl knock down.” Bl can knock down pretty quickly.  Therefore, no pictures. :)

Bl turned out to be much more interested in figuring out which boxes would fit into each other.  Some of this may be due to the fact putting “something in” is more forgiving than “stacking on”, so Bl could experience more success at this developmental stage.

Great fine-motor & gross-motor practice, as well as building some of that cognitive understanding needed for later math skills!

Frugal tip: If you don’t have a set of nesting boxes/cups, I’d suggest finding some various sizes of tupperware or recycled containers and make your own “set”!



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