“It’s Alive!!”

I think about you guys often.  I even come to visit some time.  Admittedly, a few of those times because I can’t remember where I had put the Jello play-dough recipe….

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Finally, a good use for Jello: Homemade Jello Playdough

I finally finished Bl’s (22 mo) apron Wednesday, so I was hoping for an excuse to use it.  (I’ll try to get the post up with “directions” . Someday…) After Bl brought me the third empty playdough container to open in a vain attempt to find some to play with, I realized we had a perfect excuse. When Bl grabbed his apron & brought it over to me, I realized my time was at hand. :)

I remembered running across a playdough recipe that used Jello & thinking “Oh, great, that would give me something to finally do with that Jello I bought on sale other than just figure out different places to store it….”

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Christmas decorating, practical life style

I’d been mulling this idea for a while, as I noticed Br (4 y/o) is pretty hopeless with buttons.  I finally got my tookus in gear and got it finished Monday.

"Christmas Tree", ready to decorate

“Christmas Tree”, ready to decorate

I realized as I watched Br working on it later, it also works on one- to -one correspondence, color discrimination, and is a pretty great fine-motor activity too.  Pretty good for some recycled felt and a grab bag of random buttons (which, incidentally, was a great sorting activity)! Continue reading

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