Free Books!! About rabbits with swords!!!! And get your own sword!!

Black Star of Kingston cover

Interested in getting a great series for a super awesome price? For a short time, and a willingness to hit a couple sites, you can….

We originally heard about this series from a beloved Podcast you’ll hear more about when I eventually finish my series on “Audio Education“, The Read Aloud Revival.

After hearing the book praised a few other places as well, and many comparisons to the much loved Chronicles of Narnia, I added it to my “To Be Read” list for the kids.  We chose to do it as an audiobook, which is wonderfully read, by the way! We are currently about half way through the original book in the series, The Green Ember.  It has been slow going though, because, while my boys (6 & 8) love it, it is a little intense for my sensitive 3-year old daughter. It has been somewhat tortuous for my boys to only get to listen to it in car rides when she isn’t there!

I’ve personally really been struck by the lyrical language and beautifully done imagery in the story, while managing high adventure with young, relatable, imperfect heroes.  I think it is such a wonderful gift for my boys to hear stories where they can really “feel” that being a “hero” doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear or struggle to do the right thing!

Read Aloud Revival also did an episode where they interviewed the author. And another one with the illustrator.

Now for the exciting news: Amazon is currently offering the prequel, The Black Star of Kingston, for free!

You can also add the Audible narration for only $1.99 more, through the WhisperSync program, which we LOVE (and is how we are currently doing The Green Ember) . If you are not familiar with WhisperSync, it highlights the words in the Kindle ebook (I use the Kindle app on my Android devices) along with the Audible recording.  FYI, it doesn’t seem to always be EXACTLY right on the highlight timing, but generally does pretty well.  It has been a great and subtle “bridge” for our developing readers and pre-readers.

But wait… you may be able to get the audiobook for free too!

Oh yeah, and SWORDS!!!!   But not for free…..

The author currently also has a Kickstarter campaign going for the next book in the series. 

Coolest part: you can get a package with your own wooden sword, modeled off the sword in the book!

They have already met their original funding goal, but are working on some “stretch goals”.  If they get 1000 backers before the campaign closes on June 11th, EVERY supporter will get code for a free download of the audiobook for BOTH The Green Ember and The Black Star of Kingston!

I am trying to get them to do an “add-on” to be able to get more swords with an order, in case you want to add your voice to my suggestion!!!

Hope you enjoy these books as much as we have so far.  Let me know if there are some other great books we should be checking out once we finish this series, too!

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4 thoughts on “Free Books!! About rabbits with swords!!!! And get your own sword!!”

  1. I keep hearing such wonderful things about this series! Must read asap! Thanks for sharing this post at my Lifelong Learners Link-Up Party at!

    1. That’s what happened to us as well- kept hearing wonderful things about it, so I finally caved. 😉
      My 8 year old was so glad to hear I’d invested in the Kickstarter, so we would be one of the first to get the next book. And I haven’t even told them about the sword yet!

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