An AWOL apology

Halloween 2011 family picture

I haven’t managed to keep up with blogging the last couple weeks (obviously).  :)  Our family is in one of those times where life is feeling a bit more overwhelming.

You know, no one horrible thing to us, but just more than you can handle…

For Halloween, the boys chosen costumes required I make them from scratch.  I have previously admitted I have crafty ambitions that exceed both my time & abilities.  While I think the costumes turned out pretty well, it was a crazy few weeks getting them done.

Halloween 2011 family picture
Halloween 2011 family picture- Br was a woodpecker (pileated woodpecker, per his specification) & hubby was a tree.  Bl was a vacuum (with working lights!) & I was a “dust bunny”.


On the same day we found out some news (not ready to share yet) that will drastically effect our little family.

We are still going through the steps to see if Br “needs more”.  He has his audiology appointment (hearing test) last week, and he did great.  So great the audiologist specifically commented on the contrast between how he did and the many autistic & sensory integration disorder patients she has seen.  So I guess that is a good sign. :)

I also may have incidentally “cursed” all the people who have recently come in contact with me:

  • my 2 year old niece was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis this week
  • my uncle’s (the main reason we keep heading down to San Diego) terminal cancer symptoms suddenly worsened, so he cancelled his visit that was timed for my birthday
  • my mother’s “back pain” may have morphed into kidney stones
  • even the awesome lady I get diaper stuff from- she threw out her back hours after I contacted her about meeting up to get an emergency re-supply of diaper cream (for a nasty rash Bl developed)

I feel oddly guilty, even though I couldn’t have any direct relation to any of those things…

Maybe I’m just melancholy because I’m getting old: my birthday was Saturday.

(…okay, Nosy Nellie: I turned 34!).

Ever wonder what you would tell your 10 year younger self? And what your life might be like if you actually listened? I had a semi-serious discussion with a co-worker who is 10 years younger the other day, which made me reflect a bit on different “life seasons” and their opportunities.

Sorry this post isn’t about much of anything.  I will try to get back to blogging regularly.  We’ve tried some nice things I’d love to share!

I’m sending you all thoughts for some peace & comfort, and hope you will bounce a little of that energy back at us.


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